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Powerstaxx Plus tolerance analysis software is an Excel based, tolerance analysis tool that makes it easy to be thorough
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Desterity Engineering Solutions
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19 May 2014

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This is a tolerance analysis tool.

This is an Excel based tool that helps analyze tolerances in a mechanical assembly with multiple stack ups. Design engineer’s developing a product needs to perform a tolerance analysis. It is important to make sure the product works right, and costs are low. This is considered a boring job by many engineers, and it is boring with an improper tool. 

There are high end tools available, but they tend to be expensive and could be overkill. Low end Excel based products often are not at all adequate. This particular tool, on the other hand, does meet the needs quite closely. Quite often these simplistic tools only consider a single stack-up.

Most real-life assemblies have multiple configurations and dimensions that may be a part of multiple stack ups. This tool makes sense in such situations and does a good job. 
This tool lets you use up to 200 tolerance stack ups with associative dimension management. Linear as well as non-linear stack-ups can be taken into account. You will get an alert when a dimension is used in more than one place. Nominal, measured data or a combination can be used when analyzing tolerances. Graphs and charts can help understand the analysis data. This software presents a tolerance analysis spreadsheet automatically. This sheet summarizes the results on one page in a professional-looking report that is easy to explain to your customer. Each stack up is associated with a bell curve showing predicted results within user-specified limits. Each stack up has space for an image and description of the stack-up. On later occasions, it may be difficult to recreate the situation otherwise. This is a very good product.

Publisher's description

Powerstaxx Plus tolerance analysis software is an Excel based, associative tolerance analysis tool that makes it easy to be thorough. Being associative, all dimensions are managed on one sheet and then used to populate up to 40 worst case, RSS, or modified RSS stack ups using either sheet or measured dimensions. This allows one spreadsheet to easily manage situations where dimensions are used in multiple stack ups. With each stack up is a bell curve graph showing predicted results and space to place an image of what is being evaluated. The Plus version of Powerstaxx calculates PPM failures and also has a summary sheet that provides the critical information of all the stack ups in one place. Each stack up on the summary page has a link to that stack up. Other features include English/metric conversions and a unique Cpk value for each dimension. In summary, Powerstaxx helps manage the risk in your project and is the one tool to use when your assembly has more than one stack up.
Powerstaxx Plus
Powerstaxx Plus
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